Monday, January 3, 2011

I wanted to talk a bit about the toys I showed you in my last post.  The patchwork dog comes from here (and it's a free pattern).  I didn't do patchwork on both sides (I used some super soft minke fabric on the back).  I would recommend that you do patchwork on both sides as my dog almost didn't come together.  It does have a slight twist in it's neck as it is.  Anyway, there's the pattern should you decide you would like to do it.  The instructions were a little intimidating to look for me, but once I started doing them it was really pretty simple and worked well.

Then there's Wee Wonderfuls.  I love this book.  I've made a little inchworm as well and so far everything turns out close to what it looks like in the book.  As to the book every kid it's been around has paged through it studying the pages....girls, boys.  It's just fun to look at.  One of my nephew's found something he wanted to make his brother (this was 3 days before Christmas)--it got nixed, but still nice to have such a variety.   Some of the projects that I especially like:  Sleepover Pals is a set of 3 dolls in a "Sleeping bag" roll up.  Each doll is tucked into a pocket.  I'm about half way through with the dolls on that one and I really am pleased with how they're turning out.  Then there's a topsy-turvy doll.  It's on the cover the orange haired doll.  You flip the skirt over her head and there's another doll on the other side.  I'll be making that one as well since I have what I call an Awake and Asleep Doll my Mother made me when I was little.   I've made some attempts at making one for nieces and my kids with really sad results.  I'm excited to have some direction.  Two more favorites and then I'll stop with my gushing.  A pillow "paper doll" with a pocket in the back for the doll's clothes.   I love the idea of paper dolls but they would never last at my house, so a fabric one is very exciting and it won't even bother me if the clothes get served at a tea party.  :)  And my other favorite is a Hansel and Gretel pair that are made from wooden spoons.  As for the one my nephew wanted to make for his big brother?  Koji (a little creepy/cute monster).  Truly one of the best craft books I've ever gotten.  Great to look at, clear directions, great results.  Can it get better than that?!

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Jeanene said...

I am so excited to check that out. I am a craft magazine and craft book addict. I collect them with great intentions and then never get these wonderful things made. I love being able to check in on your blog and see what you and your cute family are up to.