Wednesday, January 12, 2011

In a recent visit with some loved ones I asked them to do something to send to Granny.
So here's to you Granny!

I think she's copying the dance moves of some bigger girls.

I know she is!  Although it may be safe to say she has her own moves

A bit of a wipe out, but they were dancing around like crazy 
and it's the only shot I caught of Mowg

A 2fer

Some had a hard time knowing what was going on.

See my eyes Mom?  Just for you!

Big Hug!



This is mid-dance--the girl can swing it!

Love ya!  Isn't she pretty?!

So is she!

This just proves that persistence will always win
....some people didn't want their pictures taken.

Two somebodies to be exact. 
Ironically the server rejected this one the first go round--
but again persistence wins.  Sorry Man--but I guess not sorry enough.

There you go Granny.  A big hug to you!


Anonymous said...

Thank you THANK YOU for the pictures! I especially like the picture of the Daddy-Man; nice smile:)
The dancing dolls make me smile...the littlest bit is a real charmer - both families! I like Raggedy Andy - I've never done well at making those work sooo good for you! Thank you for the eyes! I love seeing my girls! The word verification on this one is hilarious: ignaryt great ignorant spelling, don't you think? so they didn't like how I wrote it and changed it to suplo; what do you think of that?
Sure love you,

Travelin'Oma said...

What beautiful pictures! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Your book sounds like a treasure!