Sunday, October 4, 2009

My dearest and I have NEO's (a very portable dedicated word processer made by AlphaSmart. It's very handy) that we use for writing projects. Ours didn't have cases before now.
I made him a case for his blog give-away gift. Here it is: (the fabric is flies (as in fly fishing flies))
Relatively Safe

It's cushioned with some of that foam stuff that came in a computer box or something like that from my "garbage" for crafts stash--see honey I do use it sometimes. As a little side note I got ride of 5 kitchen garbage bags of formula containers in our garage clean out. It was hard, very hard. I was able to recycle 2 bags of plastic formula containers (I never thought I'd say this, but Thank You Walmart!) I still have 3 left, but they're organized. Yes, I have a collecting problem. We're going to find things to do with them this year I am certain! Any ideas?

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Thanks, sweetie!