Monday, October 5, 2009

I thought I'd share the other give-away items (sorry for giving away the suprise Gwen. Thanks for your note Jess! It made my week.)

A pencil roll for colored and or drawing pencils
(Little man's getting one of these for his birthday too!)
For Jess: I forgot to photograph before I packaged it (can you see the brown/grey package beneath the envelope?)
A "BOOG Bag" with "The Napping House" and a little glue bound journal inside. Why Boog? Honestly a distracted mispelling on my part amused me. Most of my distracted forgetfulness does not amuse me (or others for that matter) but this one did. Besides what better way to economize language than to call a book bag a Boog. Well that's all folks. I need to go get my Boog ready to return things to the library.
Thanks guys for playing along!

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Jess said...

*I* thought it was a fun game. :)