Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'm needing more thankfulness in my life so here it goes:

I'm thankful for
The thoughtful things my husband does for me--even when he's sleep deprived and busy.
(Like making sure the garbage is out on garbage day)
The sweet noises and "talking" the tiny girl is doing these days.
Watching kids play peaceably together.
Organized garage
Books! (even if they're everywhere)
The interest that Mowg has in almost everything.
Rulers that moonlight as guitars.
The telephone and it's connection to people I love.
Imaginative stories told by a little guy that begin: "When I was firteen"
Letters and cards
Working together in the kitchen
Rocking--a word which means many different things
Little House in the Big Woods
Plants that look like I feel sometimes and make me laugh
Children that aren't babies
Watching those children grow and explore--even when it means copying my bad habits exactly or in some strange variation
That no matter where he is in the world or what he is doing that my dearest is still my dearest
That my physical body works for the most part pretty well
Picnics beneath autumn leaves
Contagious excitement for snow

Thanks. I needed that.

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SHAKS Watts said...

Did you make your Thankful Turkey early this year??!