Monday, February 29, 2016

Pack Patch Mini

This Finish began in the Spring of 2014 with a Quilt Along Chase at 1/4" Mark Blog did.

Each 12 patch represents a Different theme.
Here's the list, row by row from left to right:

True Colors, Favorite Colors, April Showers, May Flowers
Sewing Room, Moment of Me and Mom, Memory of Me and My Kids, Laundry
City Mouse, Country Mouse, Cheddar Block, Saturated Color
Favorite TV Show, Favorite Movie, Decade I Wish I Was Born in, Decade, I Was Born In
Modern, Vintage, (Own Choice) Different Scaled Dots, (Own choice) Colors I Wouldn't Choose.

It's hand quilted in raindrop circles and my favorite doodle on the edge.
It feels good to have it done and I love how the Robin's Egg Blue Sashing pops the patches.  It happen more in real life than in the picture.