Monday, February 29, 2016

I decided this quilt need it's own post.

I started it 3 years ago in January.
Finished it February 13, 2016!
It's 60" square and was given to my sweetheart for Valentine's Day.

He bought the fabric for me that I used for the stars several years before I started the quilt.
 I wasn't sure how I was going to use them all together, but it's turned out amazing.
He has a great eye for color!

You can't tell in these pictures, but the off white sashing is a gold scroll print.

I hand quilted the concentric circles.  They are once inch apart.  
I measured  it (which I never do) in honor of my basic math loving guy.  
He measures everything and what do you know it does make a difference!
It got a little bunchy on the edges, but he likes it. And the quilting represents the ripple effect that's occurred in my life since he came into the bunches seem appropriate too.

Here I am showing it off at my local quilt club.

I used Melissa at Happy Quilting's Starburst Pattern.  I participated in the quilt along she had for that pattern and I truly can't believe it's really done!  Neither can my husband.  He told me that he didn't think it would get done for a very long time because of all the other projects I have going.  I'm so grateful for someone who thinks 3 years for a quilt finish is fast!


Linda said...


lauraluvsloons said...

Great neutrals. Doesn't it feel good to get these UFO's done!

Michele said...

That really turned out wonderful. Nice job.

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