Monday, May 25, 2015

This is our ornamental crab apple tree
It visually sings every spring

We really love it

We've had a very wet spring, which has its delights.

Like Vivid Rainbows!
Double Rainbows!

"Can we try to find the end Mom?"
"You know that we won't..."
"Yes, I just want to, please."
"OK, go and see if the girls want to come."

So we chased the rainbows looking for an end. 

Instead we found swallow nests on a railroad cutout.

Cows, clouds and hillsides.

We saw horses and old charcoal kilns (no pics), an amazing sky, 
and the rainbows of course.
Best of all we enjoyed being together chasing.

Before we started  I found the end of rainbow, but I didn't dare stop the chase.
More precious than gold.


Ranch Wife said...

Some things are just worth chasing after and this was a wonderful gift to your children. No doubt they will remember this adventure forever. Good call!

Julierose said...

Hi Chiska--You asked how I liked the Karen Kay Buckley circles--well--they are great!
Easy and if you use a med/hot dry iron they come out really well. I am very happy with them
Will be posting my first circles soon. ...for my $$ definitely worth it! I got them on Amazon hugs, Julierose