Wednesday, May 13, 2015

It's A Start

It's A Start


Have you seen Heather Givens Succulents line?  It's fantastic.  I will have some of it one day.  In the meantime however, here is a pattern that was shared during her kick off blog hop.  It's from Matierial Girl Quilts (Tutorial HERE with the Pattern available for purchase HERE for $8.)   

I love how it turned out!  My original intent was to have a larger succulent, but the fabric I choose in the other layers I made got swallowed up in the background.  So because of a deadline (and let's be honest I just didn't want to do it again right then) I went with the tiny start.  I couldn't be more pleased.  This is easily the best binding job I have ever done.  It's now part of the local library quilt show and I just couldn't be more please with it.  This is the kind of plant I can handle! 

 The great part about this pattern is that you can mix and match succulents with pots and even monkey around with some of the succulent layers if you want to.  It's a super fun pattern.  So until I can get my hands on the wonderful fabric, I'll be playing with my scraps.


GPT said...

You're AMAZING Chiska. I want your drive and excitement for such wonderful things. I love all your great creations.

Melissa said...

It came out very nice. Is it paper pieced? It is so precise