Saturday, November 5, 2011

I'm thankful my family doesn't mind extending celebrations when we can't do everything that day.

A little "on their own" time with the dress-up makeup
(and of course a bit of something to eat with "made up" hands)

We also carved pumpkins
Tiny likes cats

 Mowg likes smiles (not too scary)

I think they did a great job (with some help)

My favorite pumpkins with their pumkins

We also had fun experimenting with numbers and color combinations of glow sticks.
Which colors lit up the pumpkin the best?
Did more sticks help "beef-up" the lighter colors?
The answers we discovered were "Red" and "Yes"

As one final note we listened to King Island Christmas as we carved.
I'm thankful for that little juxtaposition.  It makes me smile.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the big SMILE today - sure helped first day back with two adults out sick and kids struggling with the Autumns - getting cold and dark and makes us testy - not to mention substitutes who have to hear "you're not the boss of me!" I love the pictures and the Thankful for's and all your wonderful perspective! BIG HUGS to you (Hugs is home:)
ALWAYS with so much love.