Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gratitude and Halloween

I love November.  Winter is still new.   Thanksgiving is coming.  So I want to write one thing each day that I thankful for.  Something that really matters to me.

I'm thankful that my kids only need little bits of events in order to particpate in them.  We went trick-or-treating last night to 3 houses.  That was enough.  (We'd also been to a trunk or treat and part of the a downtown business association "trick-or-treat" madhouse.  So they had plenty of candy.  Just for the record)  I love that about them.

We went the wrong way downtown and came up the street.  Then we skirted the slow moving mass of humanity and ghouls to go back.  The whole walk back Mowg kept asking, "Can we go home now?"  We were on our way.  We got to see old friends at the trunk-or-treat.  It was fun to see some of the kids I'd worked with and have them remember me and Mowg.  Mowg did not like it when people said things to him like, "Sir Knight" or "My Lord".  He got quite upset infact.  I'm not sure why except that he said he didn't like it.  So next year no Knightness for him.  I am pleased with his costume 100% Thrifted and Made.

My Princess and Knight

"Oh when will she stop taking pictures and let us go in?!"

Tiny has a cape similar to Mowg, but it mostly hung back.

We're getting a pile of snow this morning.  Whew we made it to November with only 1 snow storm.

PS Mom, click on the pictures for a closer look. :)

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Anonymous said...

The costumes are FANTASTIC! You really did a great job! I'm glad it didn't snow while trick or treating! the Ghouls made it by our house and wiped out the whole bowl in an hour. It went really fast and I didn't even hear anyone come by - it really surprised me! Dad and Sean were working on plumbing (Oh so wonderful to have water again!) and Dad said he saw the spooks through the curtain so they didn't see him. He said they were very orderly:) Gotta scoot - big HUGS