Monday, September 26, 2011

Unproductive can be productive.

What I did:
A few dishes
Cleaned up milk
Cleaned up milk and broken glass
Cleaned up kids
Folded fabric onto comic book boards with my kids
Picked up a path through their room while they played chef and "fed" me about 20 meals
Dictated words to a budding writer.  I should note that I just told him the words, not the letters in most cases.
Visited realtives
Made french toast
Stopped at a garage sale at Mowg's request and came home with treasures.  Among them: a slightly too long mattress for the kids bed, a tape player (that works!), some fabulous polyester and an old cupboard (small medicine cabinet size.)

What I didn't do:
Finish the dishes
Clean the bathroom
Clean the bathroom (I have 2 you know)
Clean the living room
Clean the fish tank
Feed the fish (sorry fish I forgot!)

I thought I wasn't being productive, but it turns out I was.


Jeanene said...

You are just plain cute! Feeling the same. Making a list helps to see I am at least moving forward; maybe not finishing, but working towards that end.

Jeanene said...

Oh, and if we lived closer, we could trade your slightly too long mattress for my slightly too short mattress.