Thursday, September 10, 2009


We returned from a trip recently. I expected to find a dried up garden, the piles I'd left in the house. It had been a long day in cramped space and before I got out of the car a lovely lemon colored flower caught my eye. It was a sun flower from Britt's Garden (the one that was to grow up around the tipi poles). What a delightful welcome! Then the next day to our delight we discovered that we did indeed have some things to harvest. Not the harvest we'd hoped to fill our freezer with, but a harvest none-the-less. Kolrabi, carrots, green beans, potatoes, and even one cucumber. Hope your transition to fall is a good one!

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Liz and Kevin said...

I hope I feel that good when my first big garden effort gives me whatever it decides to! But I'll be MEGA-MAD if it gives me squat! All these hours, all this money for seeds and tools and hoses. But then, just watching the little beans and carrots and beets and lettuces pop out has been kind of...touching. So much negative in the news; but then look at the garden! ;) Hope pops up in there.