Sunday, September 13, 2009

I mentioned we went on a trip recently. At our 2nd overnight stop my camera died (thank you sand). So I missed taking pictures of family and friends, pictures of my beautiful sister's wedding, Mowgli feeding birds, and lots of other fun things. However, I did get a few fun things recorded in visual form:

Cloud Watching
Do you see the fish?


And crawling

Not to mention a few very short "hikes".
This one through the "Spooky Woods"

You learn a lot about yourself and your children when you travel to places that seem familiar to you, but are not to them. On our first "trek" into a forest Mowg asked, "What is that on the trees?!" I looked for a bird or some other creature. It took me a few minutes to realize he was talking about the moss. So common place to me and so unusual to him. Forest's are spooky to him and so peaceful to me. There is so much that "place" does to build a person.

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Maraiya said...

I'm bummed that I wasn't still in Cottage Grove. I probably could have made it up for the wedding, or maybe hosted a visit. I'm glad you had such wonderful experiences - even though you couldn't capture them on film.