Monday, January 12, 2015

Chiska's Crazy Long List 

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side
To encourage myself to finish some things this year I'm joining the 2015 Finish Along with Adrienne at On the Windy Side.  I decided that even though I don't have photographs of most of these projects, if I write them ALL down, some of them will get done.

Quilt my Starburst Quilt

Star Trek Quiet Book (half way there!)

Applique Turtle Quilt (need to piece and quilt)

 Tardis baby Quilt (top is almost finished, needs to be quilted as well)

Quilt purple squares baby quilt

Multi-colored squares pillow

Mowg's Primary Bee quilt

Tiny's Primary Bee quilt

Sash and Quilt Elephant Quilt

 Fairy Quilt for Babywan

Fairy Quilt for Tiny

Star Wars Quilt for Mowg

Midnight Sun Quilt for me

Quilt Mini Patch Wall Quilt

Seahawks Quilt (finish applique and quilt)

Dad's Line Quilt

Mom's X&O's Quilt

Honeycomb I-Spy Pink

Honeycomb I-Spy Cats

Tied Whole Cloth Quilt Dinosaurs

Hello Tokyo Dolls (2)

Christmas Tree Quilt

Bear Paw Moccasins

Forget-me-Not Moccasins

Petticoat skirt (orange and yellow)

Play Garden

Skylander Symbols Quilt

Minecraft Pillows

100 Days Quilt 1

100 Days Quilt 2

Log Cabin Cabin Quilt

Quilt Knight Quilt

That's a big list, but I also wanted to give myself some flexibility.  It's kind of incredible that all of these are started and none of them are finished.   I probably shouldn't start anything else until I've finished these.  Here's to some finishes this year! 


Julierose said...

Oh that is a big list--but you surely won't get bored this year lol hugs Julierose

Michele said...

Wow that is a long list. Best of luck getting some of them crossed off this year.

Kathinca said...

That's a big list indeed (my list is only a few items shorter so no worries). Good luck on finishing at least some of them and i look forward to seeing pictures of the finishes!