Monday, October 27, 2014

Once in a great while we get a picture with my whole family.
You can be sure when it happens that my Mom is involved.

This summer we had the pleasure of returning to the town of my childhood.

A Fish or two were caught.

A boat was ridden

Three kids and Carrot made an appearance at the Grands

Water was seen, 
(I can never get enough of watching
 the water curl in the wake of a boat)

played in,
(chalk becomes so vibrant when used in the rain)

and ridden on.

Flowers were picked (and shredded).

Cousins met and enjoyed.

Then we came home and got down to the business
 of  getting and cutting wood for the winter.

That entailed riding in the wheelbarrow

loading, stacking,

 and sitting on the stack.

It was exhausting work.

And very satisfying.


Jess said...

Tell your mom thank you for the pictures. :) Your family is beautiful!

Michele said...

Oh such great pictures. It looks like some wonderful memories were made.