Monday, April 30, 2012


Listen.  Even when the chatter seems to fill the air with noise.  Listen.  That little person just may lead you somewhere you wanted to be.   For example:

That little person may seem to be trying to get out of getting ready for bed in asking if we could have a family night.  Maybe you should think about trying out the suggestion another time.  Maybe if you did you would wrack your brain for an idea and then in a moment of frustration settle on fufilling another inconvient request of baking something like a Lemonade Cake.  Maybe as you made the cake and watched your children delight in the process you might think--Wow, that's all it took. 

So Listen, just remember to listen.

PS I'll post pictures as I can download them.  Tonight I'm just cherishing the thought that one day Mowg's kids will ask him to tell them a story about when he was little and maybe, just maybe he'll tell them about tonight.

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