Saturday, February 18, 2012

I've been working on some Wonky House Blocks for a swap.  I have 7 done--5 more to go.

This first one isn't quite done, but it's slightly too small so it's the one I'm keeping.

Breakfast House

Fish House

Rainbow House with garage

Pigs on the Roof!
Strawberries in the garden.

Cupcake House

Umbrella Tree Bird House

My photography leaves a lot to be desired--the colors aren't very true.
I've sure had fun though trying different things and different stitches on my new machine.


dionne said...

Those are great. What kind of swap is this? Looks like it'll be a fantastic finished project in the end.

Chiska said...

Dionne, Thanks! It's a Wonky House Swap.

Heather said...

So do these make a quilt eventually or what kind of project to they go into?
They look very fun!

Michelle said...

Those look fun - I love the breakfast fabric!