Friday, August 14, 2009

On the set of my living room floor:

Car seats Evidence of visiting friends. Good times, Good friends. A little local wandering.

A box from my Mother filled with new projects, things to learn (bobbin lace making!), pictures and just for fun stuff. We had rootbeer floats after the kids were in bed to try out our new long handled spoons. I opened the box in the afternoon when I should have been working on other things. Two napping kids, one delightedly distracted mom. Dishes didn't get done, nor any of the other projects, but I felt like I was sitting with my Mom looking at stuff and talking about these treasures she sent. I also have a partially embroidered table cloth, a half finished cross stitch (on linen!) both beautiful projects that I'm a little intimidated by as my skills are not at the level of the craftess who began them. I will though one day, one day.

A Map spread out on the floor while we talked about a trip we're going to take soon. Crawling around on top of it and interesting stories being told about Africa and North America. (no we're not off to Africa, though one small person is ready to go)

A slight digression: I got a letter day before yesterday. Yes, a real honest to goodness, out of the blue, hand written letter. Lots of news from the sender. What a delightful treat! (now I'm not saying it beats a big bowl of ice cream--but it's close, very close) So I've decided to write more letters. Starting with once a week. Yeah, I should be able to do that.

One more bit of randomness. Happy One Hundreth Post! I had plans for making this one a spectacular one, but it seems more appropriate that it's just a bit of ordinariness. However even an ordinary celebration deserves a little celebration right? So I'm going to have a little give away. I'm not sure what I'm going to send you just yet...perhaps a book or something I've made. So if you'd like to play: Please leave a comment telling something that you'd like do. Anything at all--simple or grand. Thanks for reading! I'll close the comments Sunday afternoon.


Wade said...

Think of what we'll save on postage if I win! What I'd like to do is hold my wife's hand while walking through the ocean surf. Is that doable?

Jess said...

I'd like to learn how to sew. Step one: ask for a sewing maching for Christmas!

GPT said...

I'd like to get more sleep, but really I would like to travel more with my sons and show them the world to explore and discover.

Chiska said...

I'm sure it's Sunday afternoon somewhere! Well after a lengthy debate and much un-biased sorting the winner is.......
and Wade!
(I know I should say winner's are--but wouldn't that give it away too quickly?!)
Now here's the catch I won't get whatever it is out to you until sometime in September. However, I will try to make it good. Hmmm in that case maybe I should give myself more time. aack! Thanks for playing along you guys!