Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ole' to you for doing your job

As an intro to this thought please watch the following talk by Elizabeth Gilbert:
It's long but stick with it.

If you don't have the time here's a bit of a synopsis (toward my purpose), my apologies to her for all that I miss.

Apparently the Greeks and the Romans believed that creativity occured through the influence of another being that actually lived in the walls of the artist studio. One of those groups called this being a genius. In time we began calling the artist a genius instead. In North Africa there were dancers that would sometimes transend their ability to dance and the people watching would call out "Allah, Allah" (God). This tradition traveled back to Spain where it became Ole'.
This is a miserable synopsis, so really if you want to get the full effect, watch the talk.

I've been thinking a lot of late about creativity. A lot. What does it mean to me, how does it affect my life....all kinds of questions. Here's a little of what I've come up with:

I think creativity is taking from the world around you and making something that is unique to you. I'm a Mom. There's an amazing amount of information, opinion and criticism out there on how to be a Mom. My job is to wade through all that and pick out what works for me. In moments I have that amazing spark of the divine that Elizabeth talks about, like the other night when I showed my little one Orion in the sky and we talked about it. However, there are lots of days when my genius is hiding out in the walls talking to the mice or whatever it does when it's not around to invest the spark of the divine into my work. Those days I just have to do my work, my part. I'm grateful for the space that this gives me. The hope for another day. There are other roles and other circumstances to which I think this applies. I will leave that to you to sort out.

Whatever form your creativity takes for you, my family and friends I say "Ole'" for the days when that spark of the divine is there. And on those days when you just "show up" for work I also say, "Ole'" for doing your part.

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